Daniel Pedersen / Sales Director, Ventu A/S

I highly recommend Bastian as your "go-to" guy, when you need someone to "get it done!"

Bastian helped our company build a framework and digital platform, used for planning and executing ongoing client events. The proces was fast, smooth and very professionally handled by Bastian. The overall goal of the event is to help build stronger and lasting relationships with our portfolio as a total, therefore client participation is key. 

3 years and 6 events later - with none or very little changes, the framework is sucessfully ensuring paticipation rates of up to 45% of invited individuals. With our knowledge this is second to none. Client feedback is that 100% of participants finds it "likely" (21%) or "very likely" (79%) they would join the event next time.

CORTAL ApS / Jesper G. Hansen, CEO

"Bastian Lind is a very responsible, committed and hard working individual. He has the ability to listen, analyze and conclude on behalf of a business situation of the customer. He has repeatedly generated very comprehensive and thorough solutions for online marketing, web and cross platform communication. Projects seem to generate high RIO often allowing for further investments."